<< The most interesting investment a person can make on himself, is to improve his knowledge, his own training. >>

...this is the only real investment that give back a professional and economic success, rewarding and complete.

Flanked by experienced professionals, you can perfect and put into practice the most innovative techniques as well as know the latest trends coming from catwalks around the world. You will benefit, for you and your collaborators, of perfect, detailed and consistent training courses that will allow you to improve your business.

Training and image, two aspects to not be underestimated

To be part of prezYoU, allows you to access and share special initiatives and experiences that encourage the growth of your business, such as salon training, courses in the Academy, international participation and events: the PrezYoU Team believes in sharing the experience. The availability of an artistic team, constantly looking for new trends, new cuts, colors and hairstyles to increasingly embody the wishes of customers, will allow you and your employees to cultivate your talent, broaden your inspirations through specific workshops and highly technical.

increase your visibility as a professional, participate in industry meetings, as well as to advertising campaigns (magazines, billboards, TV, radio ...), fashion shows and events, means attracting new customers, increasing revenues, creating new business opportunities.

A hair stylist knows that, in order to carry out this art effectively, it is essential to be constantly open to changes, ready to interpret the taste and news of fashion.

PrezYoU allows you to have a window always open on the latest trends and new work methods..

With us you can increase your visibility and your professional skills, sharing our creativity, technique, innovation and stylistic research.

To be part of prezYoU it also means being able to use the advantages of exhibiting a prestigious brand without losing your individuality: with us you are and remain the sole owner of your company maintaining your managerial and decisional autonomy. Our goal is make you become a testimonial of prezYophilosophy and method, so at the entrance  of your  shop will be affixed a plaque to communicate to customers that, crossed the threshold, they will have access to the exclusive universe prezYoU.