360° training

"Hair styling is an extremely dynamic art that introduces new techniques, trends and styles to every season. KNOWLEDGE therefore, is a precious good ".


The Prezy academy is a center of specialization in the hair style sector, with the most up-to-date training methodologies. Every year our organization goes through a rigorous evaluation process to guarantee and offer the highest level of training.


The training program is based on a technical-specific and practical full immersion and  provides a wide range of up-to-date and innovative methodologies, to be commercially active and successful. Our trainers, professionals and tutors, are constantly in touch with the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies. The courses combine the creative freedom with precise technical knowledge, balancing expression and invention to raise more and more the artistic level of the professional hairdresser. In the Academy it will be possible to deepen all the cutting, color and look techniques. In addition to specialization courses for employees with an internship in shop, are also planned in-depth meetings with the prezyou owner. These gathering are focused on styling and finishing, combined with the detailed information about use of the products. All 7 days meeting, willbe caratterized by  presentations,  videos demonstration of the Techniques and workshop sessions with ours models. All this moments will be capturated by a fashion photographer in a photo shoot.


Our goal is to give the best possible training not only technical but also commercial to encourage continuous growth.

If you have employees but do not find the time to dedicate to them as you would like, take the opportunity to make them  ready to any situation.. 

The growth path is an infinite process and we have chosen to amaze through innovation, research and the exchange of energy, sharing our experiences, in a real laboratory of ideas.

Our professional coaching is structured in way to make you able to respond to the different market demands, both for the specialization of your professionals and for a better qualification of your managerial skills without which no economic success can be achieved